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      Communication Skills Coach & Trainer & Certified Clean Language facilitator

 Coaching and developing you to:


Find your Niche


Speak from the Heart


Improve Communication Skills


Build Better Relationships


Create Fresh Connections 


Expand Your Contacts


Market Yourself Effectively


Prepare Powerful Presentations


Develop Inner Confidence

Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth

I work with all types of people who wish to improve their lives and / or business through improving their communications with others.

For the Corporate Executive - I can help you to improve your communication skills with colleagues and customers, leading to greater understanding and new opportunities.

For the Individual Person - By working with a coach you can build your self-confidence, improve your communication skills, strengthen relationships and develop ways to find a new career, new friends or even a romantic partner.

For Coaches I run distance learning programmes and special events designed to improve your coaching skills and grow your practice.  Visit our sister website for full details.

I am also a Coach Supervisor, working individually with coaches or in small groups, to provide time and space to reflect on your coaching practice and support you in your professional growth.

For the Small Business Owner - I can help you grow your business by finding new ways to contact your customers, coaching you to establish and develop these connections. Click here to hear a free audio presentation on "Finding your Niche" - delivered at the NLP conference in London in April '06.

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Have you ever said to yourself "If only I could....?"

Coaching offers you the opportunity to make real positive changes in your life. With a coach to guide, support and encourage you, literally anything is possible! 

This is what a coach can do for you. Help you to define clearly what it is that you want, and then to work out with you, step by step, what needs to happen to get you where you want to be. 

I use the very latest coaching techniques to untap your full potential and boost your confidence to succeed.  

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Why Choose Angela for Coaching?


As a Master NLP practitioner, I have over 20 year's experience of training groups and coaching individuals to improve communication and interpersonal skills. With specialist training in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge (which are powerful psychological methods to encourage change), I can help you tap into your  unconscious 'store' of resources to enable you to succeed.

From a business perspective, I am a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and I incorporate proven marketing & sales methods into my coaching.

Qualifications & Accreditations

bulletDiploma in Life Coaching
bulletDiploma in Performance Coaching
bulletMember of Association for Coaching
bulletAccredited coach with Association for Coaching
bulletMember of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
bulletMember of Chartered Institute of Marketing
bulletDiploma in Marketing
bulletMaster NLP Practitioner Certificate
bulletCertified Clean Language facilitator

Customer Feedback

"It was the first time in my life that I have actually spent time and money on finding out about the real me and how others perceive me; setting new guidelines and beliefs has given me direction and I feel more confident that I wasn't all that bad after all!" 

"Brilliant! I cannot believe how these twelve sessions have gone so quickly, how much they have helped me become a nicer more confident, friendly, open person. I can highly recommend this coaching plan. Thanks Angela." 

"Itís been excellent Angela, thank you very much.  Having always read a pile of self-help books, it finally brought them to life and built very practically on the counselling that I had already undertaken elsewhere.  Itís certainly been an eye-opener and some of the things that I thought about myself and my life have been completely turned on their head.  Really motivating to have the weekly phone calls and goals and objectives to work towards. I would absolutely recommend this to others."  

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Contact Information

Angela Dunbar, Hollytree House, 19, Milton Gardens, Wokingham RG40 1DA

Telephone: 01189 968259


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