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'Finding your Niche' Distance Learning Programme

What is the programme about?

This is a programme that takes you on a journey of personal exploration using powerful creative exercises to discover what makes you unique as a coach / therapist, what type of person you’re naturally drawn to help, and the real difference you can make to their lives.

You will learn how to identify the right clients for you, and find creative ways to connect with and contact them, leading to more business, more quickly.

With greater clarity of your own specialism and niche market, you will be able to develop and improve your marketing message, with passion and conviction!   

Key points are:

*     Incorporates Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and David Grove’s new “Emergent Knowledge”  techniques.

*     We use these techniques to explore you, your clients and your approach to marketing

*     Throughout the teleclasses you are helped to discover the right kind of niche for you, developing new insights and understandings  

*     Module Two is full of practical tips for reaching your ideal clients and developing your marketing message

*      Making it easy for you to reach new clients and have them want to buy from you

Who should attend?

Independent coaches, NLP practitioners and Alternative Health therapists wanting to build their business and attract more clients

Those who do many different things for many different people and are seeking greater clarity into what makes them unique so as to channel their future efforts


What previous attendees have said about the "Finding your Niche" programme:  

"An ideal opportunity and environment in which to explore and capture creative thoughts and ideas that would have otherwise lain dormant!" Jane Malyon,

“The weekend has certainly opened up my attitude and my hunger to get out there and share my expertise with as many individuals as possible. A very useful, practical way of learning about marketing and publicity. Thank you!” Cici Collins,

“Uplifting, inspirational, educational, motivating, entertaining, fun, deeply interesting, a great networking event, a great weekend,” Bel Price,

“Angela is expert, competent and caring. I liked the fact that while all the high tech stuff was there and it was clear that there was much knowledge being given, it also felt comfortable and cosy.” Lena Fenton,  

"Angela’s excellent and positive feedback (and the group feedback) has given me a big boost of confidence in my materials as well as suggestions and ways to improve them. Most importantly it has given me confidence in my marketing skills and a more positive approach to my business. The e-mail support has been really excellent and has exceeded my expectations. I have not experienced or considered coaching before but would consider it again based on Angela’s excellent service." Denise Marleyn,

Programme Overview:  

This event has been developed by an experienced coach and marketing consultant and will run with a maximum of 8 participants to ensure adequate coaching time is available for each individual.

The programme consists of two modules, each module incorporates two teleclasses and written exercises / follow up for two week's following each class, making a total of one month's learning. Each Module can be taken independently or together as a complete programme.

What the programme will give you:


 > Focus – we cannot be ‘all things to all men’, be a master of your niche!


 > Self-belief – appreciation of your own unique talents


 > Insight – deep understanding of who you are and why you want to coach


 > Clarity – of who your customers are, why they need you and where to find them


 > A Sales Strategy – your own blueprint for approaching potential customers and presenting the unique benefits of your coaching service


 > A Marketing Plan of Action – with the insight you gain during the weekend and subsequent online activity you will develop your own marketing plan over the four weeks following attendance

What will be covered:

Module One: 

This module will take you on a journey of self-discovery using the powerful methods of ‘Symbolic Modelling’ and ‘Clean Language’. These coaching tools will enable you to look inwards at your strengths, life experiences, values and motivators like never before.

Over the course of the month, you will learn:

“When you are coaching at your best, that’s like what?”

From this, you will develop a profound metaphor for your coaching practice, discovering what is at the heart of your passion for coaching.

Your metaphor will become a useful tool in a number of ways:



*  As an ‘anchor’ for you to reconnect to your excellence whenever you need to




*  As a guide for you to pinpoint the exact type of coaching you do best and who it is most useful for




*  As a communication tool – to develop the most effective way for you to describe to others what you do, and what it will do for them

You will explore the different positive qualities that you possess that enable you to be an excellent coach.

You will identify the types of people you are most inspired to coach, learning what sort of people can benefit the most from your unique talents. You will generate ideas on where you might find and communicate with this niche group, and in what way to ensure they are receptive to hearing from you.

You’ll discover what type of person you’re naturally drawn to, and see what the real difference is you can make to their lives. You’ll put yourself in their shoes and work out the most effective way you can contact and connect with this type of person  

This understanding of your niche will go beyond simple demographics and give you a tangible connection with the particular group or groups of people that you are most suited to coach. That deep understanding will enable you to appreciate the most effective ways you can communicate to your target groups – in their language and on their terms.

You will learn the relationship between your coaching skills and your marketing skills. You will uncover your beliefs about selling and marketing and learn the powerful beliefs that successful coaches have for selling their services ethically and professionally.

During the teleclasses you will be sharing your experience with other, like-minded coaches and practitioners, all with their own unique abilities, insights and backgrounds. Their experiences will enrich your own as you connect, communicate and synergise ideas. Recordings of both teleclasses will be made available for you to listen again to ideas and feedback.

You will also participate in further 'buddy calls' with other participants to further develop your niche and get confident on how best to express your unique offering to the right kind of people. These calls will be recorded and further support and advice offered by your programme facilitator.

Module Two

The second module will help you find practical ways to turn your good ideas into real marketing messages and action plans that you can carry out immediately after the event.

Module One's activities will have resulted in the crystallisation of your coaching vision, and an appreciation of your ideal niche group to target your marketing efforts. During Module Two you will take that vision and develop it into a practical plan of action.

You will create a powerful statement that addresses your uniqueness in terms of the benefits you bring to your target group. You will practice delivering this message in a powerful, persuasive manner.  

Your message will be honed and enhanced following constructive feedback from the facilitator and other attendees.

You will then have the opportunity to explore the different avenues for getting in front of your target group – face to face, by telephone or through written / technological means. We will use creative exercises to find ingenious routes to get you in contact with the right people  

We will analyse other coach's websites and materials and you will discover what is likely to work best for your niche group.

We will look at using media, such as newspapers, magazines and radio – to communicate with your target group. You will learn tips and techniques for designing and developing a press release to get you media coverage.  

The “AIDA” plan: “AIDA” stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This is a step-by step plan for enabling someone to decide to buy from you. We will use this plan for you to develop a sales / marketing approach. What do you ask / say when someone phones to enquire about your services? How can you best express your coaching practice in a website or leaflet? What logo or symbol best describes your unique positioning? All these questions will be explored and you will have the benefit of an experienced marketing professional to guide and channel your creativity.  

Your Marketing plan: You will be coached to begin producing your marketing plan, to include: 


·                   > Where are you now? (A SWOT analysis)


·                   > Where do you want to be? (Your goals, number of customers and financial targets)


·                   > How will you get there (WHAT you will sell / market and WHO to


·                   > Month by month marketing tactics

By the end of this month, you will leave with your own notes on how to communicate and market your coaching practice more effectively. You will also receive a comprehensive list of online resources that provide further ideas, blueprints and formulas to help you develop your ideas.  

At the end of Module Two you will receive an audio recording of your marketing message and the key feedback you received from each participant.

You will complete the programme feeling motivated and committed to marketing your unique message to the right people in a clear and compelling way.


Cost of programme:

Each Module costs just £95.00  excluding VAT.

If you both both Modules at the same time, you will be charged a discounted total of £175.00, excluding VAT.


Would you like to attend the event?

If you have any further questions, please contact Angela Dunbar by phone or email.  Tel no: 01189 968259. Mobile 07770 761573. Email

If you are interested in participating in any of these activities, please email me as soon as possible at coach@angeladunbar to register your interest and receive full booking details. 

E-Learning Packages (available anytime):

    > Writing your Niche Marketing Plan

    Cost £49.99 plus VAT

    > Easy Marketing for Coaches                                                      

    Cost £30.00 plus VAT



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