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 Armchair Marketing Teleclasses

Armchair Marketing is a regular series of teleclasses covering practical, straightforward marketing activities to help you build your business and get more clients.

Aimed at coaches, consultants and therapists, sessions are highly participative and totally tailored to the people-helper business.

Each one and a half-hour teleclass is jam packed full of practical advice and participative exercises and is followed up with comprehensive course material and ongoing email support for a further 30 days.

The teleclass offers excellent value for money at just £25.00 including VAT, and you get comprehensive documentation plus on-line support for one month following the workshop.

Groups will be no larger than 10 people to allow plenty of direct feedback and interaction and the emphasis is on easy implementation and fun.  

Forthcoming Events (Dates to be announced):

Getting Publicity

How to get your name in print without paying for advertising

What you will gain

Practical tips and exercises to help you get your business mentioned in local papers, online newsletters and national magazines.

By regularly having stories and articles about you and your business in a variety of newspapers and magazines, you'll reap the benefits of getting known by your potential clients so you can generate a steady stream of new business

It will cover:

         ·        Choosing which media to target – the obvious and the sublime

·        Finding out who to contact – and the best ways to approach them

·        The importance of building your contacts list and how to do it

·        Press Releases v Articles – when to use each and why

·        Structuring a Press Release

·        Creating a News Story

·        Maintaining an ‘Ideas File’

·        How to write a punchy, original article in under an hour

·        Practical article-writing exercise

·        Avoiding what journalists and editors hate to see

·        Capitalising on the media coverage you get

·        Creative ideas for gaining more publicity

You will learn:

bullet How to structure a Press Release
bullet 10 easy-to-write formats for articles
bullet How to approach newspapers and magazines
bullet To be confident in your own ability


£25.00 including VAT, course material and email follow up. You will be invoiced this amount when you book and the payment is due two weeks prior to the event. Cheques should be made payable to “Dunbar Training and Development Ltd”

Booking Details

Please email and reserve your place. You will then receive a booking form and invoice/ Pay Pal request for payment.. Your place will be confirmed and guaranteed following receipt of your payment.  

Gaining Growth through Giveaways:                                                                                                                                

Designing & marketing a free product to have new clients connect with you

What you will gain:

The motivation, confidence and know-how to write a report, design an e-course or organize a teleclass with the intention of increasing your contacts and building your credibility within your chosen niche

You will learn:

*      The concept of give to get

*      Ideas for information products that suit your specialism

*      Easy structures for report-writing

*      How to produce a PDF file without buying expensive software

*      Developing an e-course – a 5 stage process

*      How to make your e-course stand head and shoulders above the competition

*      Automating the whole e-course process – for free

*      How to organize and run a teleclass

*      Mistakes to avoid with a teleclass

*      Suggestion for promoting a teleclass and maximizing attendance


£25.00 including VAT, refreshments, handouts and a practical set of notes which will be emailed to you after the event. You will be invoiced this amount when you book and the payment is due two weeks prior to the event. Cheques should be made payable to “Dunbar Training and Development Ltd”

Booking Details

Please email and reserve your place. You will then receive a booking form and invoice or Pay pal request for payment. Your place will be confirmed and guaranteed following receipt of your payment.

Future workshop themes:

*      Online Marketing: Build your credibility and your prospect database

*      Converting enquiries: getting the “I’ll think about it” brigade to commit

*      DIY Websites on a shoestring – starting from scratch or rejuvenating your existing one

*      Producing leaflets, brochures and business cards – that stand out from the competition and get you business


What would you like to see covered? Let Angela know the topics you’d like addressed and we’ll see what we can do!

More on the “Armchair Marketing” series of teleclasses:

These teleclasses are named “Armchair Marketing” for two reasons. Firstly because you can participate from the comfort of your own home, from your own armchair if you would like! Also “Armchair Marketing” reflects the idea that what we will cover is going to be easy and straightforward. Mostly activities you can complete from the comfort of your own armchairs. Marketing should be fun, not boring, hard work or scary!

Angela’s background is in sales and marketing and she is a qualified marketing consultant, having run corporate sales and marketing training programmes for ten years before focusing her efforts on coaching. She has a wealth of experience and expertise and is very happy to share it.

For more information , call Angela on 01628 810638, email 

Armchair Marketing Newsletter:

If you would like to receive a regular newsletter on “Armchair Marketing” please jot me an email to , just say Armchair Marketing Newsletter and I’ll add you to the mailing list. The newsletter will give details of forthcoming workshops and events plus tips and creative ideas for marketing yourself as a coach. 

What other people have said about the “Armchair Marketing” workshops:

“I arrived feeling rather lethargic and wondering if I was wasting my afternoon by doing a marketing workshop, as I had already done some marketing training before. My head is now buzzing with ideas and I can’t wait to get back to work and get started on some articles,& press releases. Fantastic workshop!”

Angie South,

“An enjoyable seminar that leaves me bursting with ideas. Packed with information and top tips, I think there has been more in half a day than some people do in two!”

Janet Dowling,

“Action packed; supremely practical; convincingly credible and fantastic value for money. I can’t wait for more!”

Jean Ramsey,

“I feel inspired to actually do something about PR and I know it’s do-able. I love the “How to write an article in under an hour” format as I usually spend long hours writing my newsletter. A great value course with plenty of high value advice and tips packed into 3 hours”

Alison Smith,

“Highly informative with some particularly useful insights into how to gain and maintain the right kind of publicity for my business. The course delivered on its aims and has given me a wealth of material to assist with future PR needs. Thank you very much.”

Neil Braithwaite,

'Finding your Niche' Distance Learning Programme

This is a two-part distance learning programme that takes you on a journey of personal exploration using powerful creative exercises to discover what makes you unique as a coach / therapist, what type of person you’re naturally drawn to help, and the real difference you can make to their lives.

You will learn how to identify the right clients for you, and find creative ways to connect with and contact them, leading to more business, more quickly.

With greater clarity of your own specialism and niche market, you will be able to develop and improve your marketing message, with passion and conviction!   

Click here for full details, dates and how to book.

Network for Coaches

When I first set out as an independent coach and trainer 13 years ago, I quickly realised that although this was a 'people focused' career, it didn't always satisfy my own needs to interact with like-minded peers whom I could share ideas, experiences and know-how. 

Being an independent coach can also be lonely!

If you'd like to interact with other coaches across the UK and worldwide, please contact me at for more information.             

Free Audio Presentation on "Finding your Niche"

Click here to hear a free 20 minute audio presentation, delivered at the NLP Conference "Celebrating your Strengths" in April'06 in Regents Park, London. This presentation covers:


What is a niche?


Why it is so important for your business success


Creative ways to find your niche


The next steps   



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