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What a Coach Does

bulletAsks questions to help you clarify your greatest goals
bulletListens to your words, phrases, beliefs and values
bulletClarifies with you the extent to which your goals match your beliefs, etc.
bulletChallenges you to explore your full potential
bulletHelps you to set, and follow through on achievable actions 

For example...

Angela's Specialist Coaching Skills

In addition to a coach's core competencies shown above, I will use a combination of specialist skills and knowledge, depending on your circumstances. These specialisms are:

bulletNLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
bulletClean Language, Emergent Knowlegde and Symbolic Modelling
bulletSales & Marketing techniques
bulletTransactional Analysis

At the start of our coaching schedule, you are most welcome to highlight any personal preference to which specialisms you would like me to use or avoid.

Further details on each specialism is listed below.

NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) is the study of excellence, and uses many models of communication to enable an individual to change the way they think and behave. With NLP, you can find new confidence, break habits, rid yourself of fears and achieve your vision.

NLP can help you to:

bulletSee a particular experience through the eyes of another, gaining a different perspective of an experience, enabling you to make decisions or changes based on a fresh viewpoint.
bulletRe-create a particularly good feeling or state of mind, such as happiness or confidence. NLP can teach you to 'anchor' that feeling or state, so you can 'switch it on' whenever you need to.
bulletRid yourself of phobias or fears in a quick and painless manner

More information on NLP can be found at the following website:

Clean Language is a process of asking questions in a certain way that enables you to delve deeply into your unconscious mind, often uncovering barriers and solutions that you were previously unaware of. The process uncovers the metaphoric 'story' of our lives and circumstances, bringing about insights and understandings in a simple and effective manner. Further clean processes can also be used, such as Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge, which can all help you to:

bulletSee the big picture concerning your life and goals
bulletUncover previously unknown solutions
bulletMake changes in the way you think and feel 

For more information go to our sister website and for general information about Clean Language go to

Sales and Marketing Techniques, including persuasion skills, image, planning, identifying target audiences. These techniques can help you to:

bulletPlan your personal success strategy
bulletFind ways to make new contacts - for business or pleasure
bulletTo improve your presentation / public speaking skills

For more information see

Transactional Analysis is a psychological theory and practice that explores the way human being relate to one another. By exploring TA, you can:

bulletGain greater understanding into the nature of your relationships, particularly problematical ones
bulletFind ways to stay 'adult' in the midst of conflict and antagonism
bulletOwn your own problems and no-one else's

For more information see

Time Line Therapy is a branch of NLP that enables you to track back to past experiences in your life and uncover the key learning from the event or circumstance. Having done this, you can easily and comfortably 'let go' of any negative emotions or limiting decisions that have evolved from the experience. Time Line Therapy can help you to:

bulletRelease unresolved anger
bulletRemove long-term 'mental blocks'
bulletExplore and amend deeply held beliefs about yourself and your life

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For More Information Contact:

Angela Dunbar
Hollytree House, 19 Milton Gardens, Wokingham Berkshire RG40 1DA
Tel: 01189 968259


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