Angela’s Approach

My approach to coaching is that everyone is capable of achieving incredible success, and able to make amazing changes in their personal and professional lives.

I believe that people make progress when they are given the time and space to explore what they really want, why they want it and to unravel any conflicts or dilemmas that may be preventing them from moving forwards.

Rather than tell you what to do, or teach you how to do it, my approach is to help you uncover what you already know. This includes what you may have once known but forgotten, and what you know tacitly but never really had the chance to bring to conscious awareness and tacitly say out loud.

I help you gain a deeper understanding of your own behaviours and that of others, leading to a change of perspective. From this change in perspective, new actions become possible and often even easy, with the support of a coach.

We focus on firstly clearly defining what it is that you want to achieve and then exploring the steps required to get you there. There are many ways we can achieve this, and my approach will be flexible and evolving based on your feedback and the results achieved.

There are many different methods, techniques and approaches that we can use depending on your unique requirements and what works best for you. As well as being an accredited coach and coach supervisor, I am trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, Marketing and Clean Coaching (incorporating Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and Symbolic Modelling. For more information visit

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things we can do over a series of coaching sessions together:

  • Have the space to really think about what you would like to have happen

    It sounds obvious, but most people seldom get to really explore their own thoughts and feelings for long enough for a clear sense of purpose and direction to emerge. I will listen to you and respect your views, encouraging you to dig deeper and allow your own ideas and solutions to be explored

  • Get underneath habitual behavioural patterns and perceptions:

    We’ll get beneath the surface of your own reactions and perceptions and explore more where they have come from and how useful they are to you. Using behavioural change techniques from NLP and Clean Language, with your permission we can explore unconscious patterns of thinking and you can decide whether holding a different perspective or belief would serve you better. Using mental visualization exercises you can address the emotional element. Together we can help you build a positive state of mind to support your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Improve your self-awareness:

    I  will act as a mirror and reflect back what I experience in your communication style, breaking down your choice of words, tone of voice and body language. We can also use a variety of NLP visualization techniques designed to help you switch ‘places’ with others and imagine what’s going on from their point of view. We could explore and agree ways that you could gain specific feedback from others to understand more about how others perceive you and set up a process to monitor and measure what observable changes others notice once you begin coaching. We can even do some video recording to help you step outside and view yourself from another perspective. Often for people with confidence issues they discover that other people’s perspectives are more positive than their own self-image which can help to develop a more realistic and confident picture.


  • Learn models to help you understand where your confidence comes from: 

    For instance, we could review the ‘Transactional Analysis’ model of relationships where every single interaction can be seen as a trigger for another’s reaction. We’ll look at three ego states ‘Parent’ ‘Adult’ ‘Child’ and how common patterns of interaction can result in unconscious ‘game playing’ resulting in people unwittingly falling into particular roles, especially that of the ‘victim’ or ‘rescuer’. I will challenge you to consider the hidden ‘pay off’ you may gaining through difficult interactions and help you develop ways to avoid game playing and take greater responsibility for yourself and less for others.

  • Allow you to be at your creative best:

    I will help you let go of your fears, encourage you to explore your biggest dreams and let you immerse yourself in your imagination of your own success. As well as being extremely motivating, this can help you anchor positive mental states as well as build confidence. It can also help you discover new insights and make new connections by trying out ideas in your imagination and mentally rehearsing the steps involved. We will use creative coaching approaches that involve exploring the metaphors you use to describe your experience, as well as treating the space around you as a potential resources. With some techniques involving physical movement and repositioning. For more information go to

  • Challenge you to create a do-able action plan and to see it through to fruition:

    It is not enough to gain insights, it is deciding to do something with those insights that will lead to sustainable change and the achievement of goals. I will ask you questions to help you work out, exactly what needs to happen and when. We will explore how you could do each of these actions and what you can do to build support and remove any hindrances. I will hold you to your action plan and celebrate your success with you!

To find out more about how coaching could help you, contact us now by completing the online contact form or emailing Angela at