Coaching and developing you in

Confidence – Communications  – Clarity – Creativity

Build your confidence:

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Gain inner strength
  • Listen to your inner voice

Improve your communication skills:

  • Build better relationships
  • Create fresh connections
  • Speak with authority and assertiveness
Gain clarity about your business and personal goals:

  • Find your niche
  • Build your credibility
  • Create compelling marketing messages

Enhance your creativity:

  • Tap into your inner wisdom
  • Discover your ‘flow’
  • Put your creativity into practice

Why choose Angela?

I have been in the business of people-development for 24 years as an independent coach and facilitator, and prior to that within the corporate world for just under 10 years.

Over this time I have accumulated a wealth of experience of coaching, facilitation and supervision, particularly within my specialist areas of communication skills, confidence and creativity.

I am an active member of the Association for Coaching and former council member, holding the position of “Head of Professional Forums” over a period of 4 years. I was awarded the title of Lifelong Fellow in recognition of my contribution. 

I am also a Master NLP Practitioner with specialist training in Clean Coaching (a powerful, non-directive method of encouraging change in people).

From a business perspective, I have a successful corporate management track record and have been a long term member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I can incorporate marketing & sales models and methods into my coaching and mentoring, when relevant.

I am author of the book: “Essential Life Coaching Skills” published by Routledge in 2009. My second book ‘Clean Coaching – The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen’ was published in October 2016.

The ‘Clean Coaching Centre’ was introduced as a brand name in 2004, offering a unique approach to coaching that tackles the unconscious and deeper aspects of human behaviour and thinking patterns. The centre provides dedicated online training courses created by David Grove and Carol Wilson to teach Clean Language and other ‘Clean’ techniques to coaches and other kinds of change facilitators. In 2015 this became the overarching business name I now trade under for all my work. You can read more about the Clean Coaching Centre by visiting the website:

Recommendations and endorsements

Through this site you can read a wealth of positive recommendations and descriptions of her client’s experiences.

You can also visit Angela’s ‘Linked-In’ profile for a current summary my activity and to see many further endorsements and recommendations of my coaching, training delivery and supervision.


I asked Angela to be my supervisor last year whilst studying for a post-grad certificate in coaching with Roffey Park Institute. I already knew of her work by reputation, and found her to be a great coach, modelling the skills and techniques I said I wanted to develop. Working with such a great professional, devoted to focusing on my concerns, boosted my morale no end. We teased out where I could improve, explored my approach to learning and planned for forthcoming client sessions. I saw and heard great examples from Angela as she supervised me, and her feedback and encouragement contributed significantly to my coaching case study. The quality of my coaching went up, both formally with clients and informally at work. I have now returned to pursue my studies in Clean with Angela and I highly recommend her as a coach, supervisor and author

  27th March 2018

I first trained with Angela in Clean Language in 2010 and chose her as my supervisor in 2012. The enduring nature of our relationship is testament in itself and I cannot speak highly enough of Angela. She creates a warm and creative space for learning where you can really develop and challenge yourself. She is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with and I come away from every session feeling enriched and uplifted. I wholeheartedly recommend her as both a trainer and supervisor

Caroline Talbott  Executive Coach and Author. 20th March 2018

I found Angela to be a very easy-going and incredibly supportive coach. She's a great listener and empathiser as well as non-judgmental. The clean language that she used with me was very useful. She helped me to refine my thoughts a great deal and got me to a place of more clarity at the end of each coaching session. I felt very comfortable with Angela and found it very easy to talk to her. I didn’t feel I had to control the sessions out of anxiety and was quite happy and comfortable to allow her to take control. I would definitely recommend Angela.

  5th Feb 2018

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