To find out more about how coaching could help you, contact us now by completing the online contact form or emailing Angela at coach@angeladunbar.co.uk

During an initial conversation (by email, phone or Skype call), we will briefly explore what it is you are looking for, your expectations from coaching and from yourself. I will explain how I work and offer relevant examples that relate to my coaching experience with your particular circumstances. Together, we will see if it feels appropriate and useful for us to work together and in what way.

All being well and we agree to take the next step, you can chose what kind of step you would like it to be. For instance:

You can go ahead with a single, one off coaching session:

  • This could be to gain an insight into what coaching is like with limited commitment / investment required from you, for instance to test things out before making a bigger commitment. Or, to focus on one very specific and targeted outcome.
  • As a guide, costs range from £123.00 for a single hour’s session for a private individual, conducted over Zoom, to £1,100 for a package of 4 sessions for corporates, taking place at your premises.

Or you can commit to an initial series of three coaching sessions:

  • We recommend this approach as even the simplest of change requires maintenance and embedding. Often an initial change has a knock-on effect, leading to ongoing reflections and the need for supplementary actions to take place
  • Change can happen in an instant. And it can happen more gradually over time and three sessions gives us sufficient opportunity to track any changes and monitor ongoing improvements and effects.
  • Those booking (and paying for) three sessions in advance will receive a 10% discount in the overall fee

You can also decide on the session duration. Typically, coaching sessions range from 1 to 2 hours in duration. You may want to consider a slightly longer initial coaching session so we have time to explore and agree your overall outcomes from coaching, as well as have time to focus on a specific aim, so that you end the first session with some tangible sense of progress.

A further consideration is whether you would like your coaching to be conducted in person, by telephone or over the internet, via an online meeting service such as Skype.

Face to face sessions

For private individuals, if you require a face to face session, you will need to come to my premises in Dunkeswell, Devon. Whether this is viable will obviously depend on your location. Although some people do decide on long travelling distances, using the journey time as a further opportunity for self-reflection and space to step outside of your usual routines.

Corporate clients may request on-site visits, usually a minimum of two client sessions in a day are required to warrant the travel time

Telephone sessions

Telephone sessions can be incredibly powerful. With no visuals to distract, the coaching can focus on what’s actually said and get to the heart of the matter quickly. The coachee can be anywhere they want to be: in private, in the comfort of their own home, in their car (safely parked of course). Many report that telephone coaching frees them to open up and being ‘invisible’ to the coachee allows them to share more personal thoughts, feelings and reflections.y.

Online sessions

Online sessions are by far the most popular choice taken by almost all my clients. Sessions can be conducted via Skype, which has the advantage of being familiar to most coachees. In addition, other online platforms can be used, such as ‘Zoom’ or ‘Go to Meeting’, which offer more stability, enhanced security and greater flexibility.

I am used to talking people through the functionality of online meetings when they have not previously used this kind of technology much – or indeed ever – before.

All you need is a broadband enabled computer, or even just a tablet or smart phone. Ideally, you will have a headset to limit any background noise and interference.

Most importantly, you can choose a space to be in that suits you and will be conducive to your exploration. I suggest this is a space personal and important to you, and that you will be on your own and undisturbed for the session duration.

Online sessions seem to combine most of the advantage of face to face and telephone sessions, They are personal, private and require no travelling time.

In addition, online sessions can be recorded. This means you can be sent the recording after the session and listen to it again and as often as required, to further boost your learning and motivation. Recordings are always optional and you may always request that your session is NOT recorded if that is what you would prefer.

To find out more about how coaching could help you, contact us now by completing the online contact form or emailing Angela at coach@angeladunbar.co.uk.